Top Benefits of Using Text Messaging for Recruiting

Text messaging is one of the most underrated modes utilised in the recruiting process. If you recruit in an industry sector with high volume, i.e., running a temp or a contract desk, you want to use text messaging. Reaching out to your target audience with the expectation of a better response rate compared to other modes of communication such as emails can be expected when using conducting the outreach.

Of course, the response rates depend on the quality of your message and your follow-up process. Nonetheless, this is an avenue you want to explore.

What will you need to execute your text messaging process?

  1. Buy a bundle of text messages from companies such as EZ Texting, Twilio, etc.
  2. Check if it can be integrated with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  3. Draft and beta-test your candidate outreach messages and get started

Check out the infographic highlighting the top benefits of using text messaging for recruiting.

Top Benefits of Text Messaging For Recruiting

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