Recruiters, Tough Time Filling A Role? Ask These Questions To Pre-Qualify The Job Order

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One of the many situations Recruiters face is a tough time filling a specific role. Qualifying the job order is fundamental to the recruiting process, especially when the job has been open for a long time and/or when the client has had a tough time filling the role.

If the client says, here is the job order; send some CVs over for review. It is a red flag, and you must think twice before actually spending time working the job. If the client does not have time to spend time talking about an unfilled position costing them, there is less point in working that job.

Asking these job order pre-qualification questions can be of help.

  1. How long has the role been open?
  2. What is the reason for recruiting, i.e., expansion or replacement?
  3. If a replacement, why did the last person leave?
  4. How long did the last person stay on the job? Is it possible to share their profile (Of course, without their details)?
  5. What changes would you make in the role, i.e., increase/reduce the duties, reporting, etc.?
  6. How many candidates have you interviewed so far?
  7. How many candidates did you shortlist?
  8. Have you offered any candidates yet?
  9. Who is involved in making the decision, and who is the final decision maker?
  10. Please can you tell me more about the candidates you interviewed and rejected?
  11. Have any candidates rejected the offer? If yes, when, and why?
  12. How long has the role been open, and why are you finding it difficult to fill the position?
  13. What are the top 5 challenges in filling the role?
  14. What sources have you used to fill the role, i.e., internal recruitment team, paid adverts on LinkedIn, Industry/Trades magazine (Online/Print), agencies, etc.?
  15. How many agencies are you currently working with?
  16. What impact is the unfilled role having on your business? (How much does it cost you to leave this role open / How much revenue are you losing?)
  17. Expansion: What is the reason for growth, i.e., developing new products, territory, etc.?
  18. What type of candidate are you looking to recruit?
  19. Are you open to candidates from any companies within the industry, or are you looking at any target companies?
  20. Any companies you would want us to exclude?
  21. What are the top 5 criteria for this role?
  22. Is there any flexibility if the candidate ticks 3 out of 5 criteria?
  23. How flexible are you in terms of the salary and benefits?
  24. What is the Most Important Thing (MIT) required for this role?
  25. What is the interview process like, and who all are involved?

Spending time pre-qualifying the job order is much better than wasting time working on the unqualified job order. Working in oblivion will not put money on the board or the bank account. Always try and pre-qualify the job order.

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