Market Mapping Services

Market Mapping & Benchmarking

Whether you are looking to evaluate a new market, assess candidates for niche requirements or develop a new vertical/territory or finding a candidate for the retained headhunting assignment, our market mapping services will help you identify and secure talent. We will provide actionable market insights into both the candidates available and the competitor landscape.

RPO Arena’s Market Mapping & Talent Mapping strategy provides complete visibility of the talent for some of the most difficult and hard-to-fill positions.

We benchmark recruitment practices and salaries in your domain, as well as analyze competitors to help you make an informed decision based on the competitive landscape and market trends, removing the typical  risks associated with recruitment and confirming the viability of full search. Our ultimate goal is to find right candidates for the role in a fast, cost-effective manner.

Our Market Mapping Process
Competitor Analysis
Research Target Market
Organisational Analysis
Salary Benchmarking
Track Industry Trends
Business Benchmarking
Strategy & Transformation

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