Ketan Gajjar

Championing new ideas to empower the recruitment industry.

Extensive experience developing and steering a number of Offshore Recruitment business units to market-leading positions.

Ketan Gajjar

Founder & Director

Ketan brings a depth of knowledge in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry in the UK and the US. He is focused on creating value and leading the organization’s delivery of bespoke recruitment services & solutions for agencies seeking transformational change.

Ketan’s background in RPO, entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solving with a relentless focus on championing bold new ideas to empower the recruitment industry will ensure that clients receive the highest quality of service.

He has expertise in a wide array of offshore recruitment services across several industries as a result of his executive, management and operational experience.

In his prior roles, Ketan was responsible for leading the strategic direction, profitable growth and operating results of RPO divisions. He was equally responsible for strategic partnerships, alliances, sales generation and business development activities.

Ketan has demonstrated a track record of success in helping offshore RPO companies grow to a market-leading position and operate smarter.

He has successfully led complex turnaround and large-scale transformation RPO projects with an emphasis on improving the bottom line by either increasing revenues or reducing operating expenditures or both.

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