Year: 2021

9 Reasons Why Candidates Hire Recruiters

When was the last time you replaced something, anything such as a wallet, mobile, microwave, etc.? Chances are, you replaced it because of a reason. For example, maybe you were bored of using the same mobile, it’s broken, you wanted to upgrade, etc. In short, you fired the old product or service to get a […]
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The offshore RPO model is a game-changer for every recruitment agency that executes the project with the same panache as operating and working with an in-house team. Focus and dedication to the model are key factors for the successful implementation and ongoing success of the project. Several recruitment agencies are yielding positive outcome by making […]
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Recruiters, Include This Step To Improve Quality and Profitability

Speed is of the essence for every recruiting business; be it temporary, contract or permanent recruitment sector. Margins matter everywhere irrespective of the high volume of low volume recruitment. How can recruitment and staffing companies deliver efficient qualitative service while generating higher profitability? To deliver quality services, review, refine and map your processes. Why must […]
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